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We hope to provide you with one of the best massages around.
Come by! Bring a friend. We look forward to helping you to relax.

Welcome to Sensation

Welcome to our day spa! We provide massage services ranging from a standard massage to couples massage. Enjoy a relaxing massage by yourself, with a loved one, or with a group of co-workers.

Sensation provides a relaxing environment for our massages to help you de-stress and release built up tension.

Massage Benefits:

Stress relief

Tension relief

Headache relief

Muscle relaxation

Spasm relief

Cramp relief

Enjoy a sensational massage experience at Sensation Day Spa.

Enjoy one of our many massages, by yourself or with a friend, or loved one.

Services Overview

Enjoy one of our many massage sessions with an experienced massage therapist. Leave your stress and worries at the door, we’ll take care of the rest.

Sensations Massage

A standard massage focusing on back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, & more. Designed to help relieve muscle soreness, & promote relaxation. Leaving feeling brand new!

Swedish Massage

One of our more relaxing and therapeutic massages. Done in a private room, this is the ultimate massage for relaxation, & stress relief. Hands down.

Couples Massage

Enjoy our couples massage session with a significant other, friend, or loved one. Pick one of our massage services to relax & de-stress after a long week.

Deep Tissue Massage

Muscle spasms? Back pain? Knots? Say no more. Book our deep tissue massage to alleviate all of these & to de-stress. A more intense massage experience.

Asian Body & Foot Massage

Relaxation from head to toe! Soak your ache feet in a soothing bath while one of our therapists massages your head, shoulders, back, hands, and feet.

Asian Fusion Combo Massage

A full 90 minute session combining Swedish/Deep tissue massage with Thai/Asian Reflexology. Experience the best of both worlds. Leave feeling totally relaxed!


Your dreams for beautiful, radiant skin are just a facial away. Facials are a great way to maintain healthy skin, as well as relax during your spa visit.


Whether you are waxing the hair on your legs, arms, or in between, we have you covered! We provide exceptional care while enhancing your natural beauty.

Groups, Parties, Events

Book a group massage for your next social gathering, team exercise, or just to help relax yourself & your co-workers on a day off. Relaxes both the body, & mind.

What People Say

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